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 Infosys Vs LG: Can one choose between, when the number of job opportunities is only dwindling?

Sifting through the news is kind of a scary experience for students who have just started searching for a job, particularly when companies are resorting to delayed onboarding as a coping mechanism. Recession is the talk of the town and lay-off has become a dangling sword over tech employees’ heads. Amidst all this chaos, there are a significant number of job openings being posted by big tech companies, freshers would get tempted to grab them for obvious reasons. Even though tech companies are raising alarm, largely technology is considered a recession-proof sector. And so, the openings, though few in number, demonstrate the actual pulse of the software industry. Many experts believe that this time industry is only taking pre-emptive steps because of speculation, rather than reacting to the actual recession. Only in the third quarter of this year, TCS, Wipro, HCL, and Infosys employed around 28,836 people which is less than half of the 53,964 people employed during the same period in 2021. Two companies Infosys and LG have recently posted job openings for developers and software interns respectively. This article takes you through the pros and cons – Infosys Vs LG – for choosing one company over and making a decision.

India is the best place to be during a recession – Kris Gopalakrishnan, former Infosys MD

Amidst the mass layoffs trend that engulfed the tech industry in recent months, rumors of Infosys’s plan to lay off hundreds of mid-level and senior-level employees were floating thick. It did lay off around 500 employees before but for a different reason. Along with Wipro, Infosys blacklisted employees who were into moonlighting. A TOI report mentions Infosys asking not to consider layoffs as mass-trimming measures but as involuntary attrition, which is integral to the normal course of business.  Further, Infosys’s co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan speaking at the Bangalore Literature Festival 2022, held in the first week of December said, “The world is going through a severe recession, but the IT industry in India is expected to grow in double digits – roughly about 12% this year. It is expected to recruit nearly 2-3 lakh job seekers this year alone.” Also, putting aside the recession fears, it had raised its annual sales to forecast, expecting revenue growth of 15 to 16% by March 2023.

LG Soft can be an Option too

As far as 2022’s speculation around recession is concerned, there isn’t much news if it would resort to layoffs. However, being the global R&D center for electronics, headquartered in Bangalore, it might see the effect of the global recessionary wave. However, one can count on the company’s work culture, monetary compensation as per market value, and work-life balance when compared to Infosys, which scores lower in these respects. 



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