Twitter Gets Hacked! Contains a Devastating Amount of Information





Twitter gets hacked and contains a devasting amount of information from well-known users

In one of the largest Twitter data breaches, 400 million Twitter users’ private information was sold on the dark web. Following his criticism of Twitter’s policies and procedures, Elon Musk may be faced with a breach of this size. The last hack, which affected more than 5.4 million people, is already being investigated by the DPC. The previous vulnerability was found in late November. As proof that the data is authentic, the hacker posted a sample of it on one of their websites.

The sample data consists of email addresses, usernames, follower counts, creation dates, and, in certain cases, the individuals’ phone numbers. It is alarming to see that the hacker’s sample data contains details from several quite well-known user accounts. Salman Khan, Sundar Pichai, and the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting are among the users in the sample data.

The sample data contains information on a lot more well-known users. The bulk of them will implicate the social media team, but it will be terrible if the data breach is true. The information was most likely obtained through an API weakness, according to Alon Gal, co-founder, and CTO of the Israeli cybercrime intelligence company Hudson Rock. This hole allowed the threat actor to search any email or phone number and return a Twitter profile.


The hacker writes in his article that “Twitter or Elon Musk if you are reading this, you are currently risking GDPR penalties for 5.4m breach imagine the fine of 400m users breach source.” If you want to avoid having to pay the US$276 million in fines that Facebook earned for breaking the GDPR, buy this data exclusively (533 million users were scraped).

The hacker indicates that he is open to the “Deal” going via an intermediary by saying, “After that, I will erase this post and will not sell this information again.” Additionally, since data won’t be sold to third parties, celebrities and politicians won’t engage in Phishing, Crypto frauds, Sim swapping, Doxxing, and other actions that would erode user faith in your firm, halt your present growth, and deflate your current excitement.



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