Top 5 Countries with the Richest Data Center Heritage




In the current digital era, the reliability of data has become extremely important. Data centers are not only important for storing data but also for the number of platforms and applications that have become important right now. Companies and government organizations rely on data centers to safely store important operational and proprietary assets securely and efficiently. However, there are certain countries that stay ahead of the competition in leveraging data and hence have a rich culture of building data centers. In this infographic, we have enlisted the top 5 countries that will lead the race to build data centers in 2023.


The world’s largest number of data centers—2701—are located in the United States. Dallas is home to 153 data centers, while Los Angeles and the Bay Area each have 147. There are data centers spread across over 1826 distinct locations in all 50 states of the United States.


There are around 487 data centers in Germany. In Germany, there are 42 separate locations with data centers, and Falkenstein is home to more than 50 of them. euNetworks, GTT Communications, Colt Technology Services, CenturyLink, and Interxion are the top 5 data centers in the nation.



There are 456 data centers in the UK, 70 of which are in London, the nation’s capital. The KAO Data Campus, Next Generation Data Center, GTP 3 Data Center, Telehouse North, and VIRTUS Data Center are a few of the largest data centers in the UK.


There are 443 data centers in China altogether. The majority of the data centers in China are located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. The largest data centers in the nation are iAdvantage TKO MEGA Plus, Colt Hong Kong HKDC, AirTrunk Hong Kong HKG, and SH1. Over 900 square feet are occupied by China’s biggest data center.


There are 281 data centers spread out over the Netherlands. The top data centers in the Netherlands include NorthC Datacenters, Equinix, KPN, Cellnex Telecom, and Equinix.



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