Top 10 Natural Language Processing Courses to Add to Your CV in 2023





The top Natural Language Processing courses in 2023 are the best way to get started

Natural language processing is very difficult. People communicate in ways that are difficult for computers to comprehend. The ideal method to start learning natural language processing is to enroll in a few beginning Natural Language Programming courses. The fundamentals of natural language processing will be covered in NLP programs, and they may even prepare you for NLP certification.

Natural Language Processing in 2023 is being employed for massive data mining, artificially intelligent systems, and user interfaces. If the machine can comprehend natural language, then more insights and patterns may be drawn from the data. The most widely used natural processing language is Python. You may boost your profession as a programmer, marketer, or data scientist with the appropriate NLP training. We’ll take a look at the best Natural Language Processing courses to add to your CV. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the top Natural Language Processing courses.

1. Coursera’s Natural Language Processing Specialization

Coursera’s Natural Language Processing Specialization covers the intricacies of NLP as far as data is concerned. That includes logistic regression, naive Bayes, word vectors, sentiment analysis, complete analogies, and neural networks. For those who want to learn more, Coursera has a wide array of NLP courses that are also provided by DeepLearning.AI.


2. Udemy’s NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python

Udemy’s NLP course introduces programmers to natural language processing with the Python programming language. The course includes regular expressions, stemming, lemmatization, visualization, Word2Vec, and more. This course is open to employees of Apple, Netflix, and Eventbrite.

3. Stanford’s Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Stanford offers an entirely online introduction to Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, an advanced class for those who already have proficiency in Python and some basic knowledge of NLP. Students will learn more about machine learning and will receive a certificate of completion from Stanford. This is the best NLP online course for those who want to improve their resume, simply because of the name recognition that Stanford offers.

4. Udacity’s Master Natural Language Processing

Students who already know a little about Natural Language Processing can master it through Udacity’s 3-month online course. Students will learn computing with natural language and communicating with natural language. Programs include real-world projects and a flexible learning system.


5. SpaCy’s Advanced NLP

SpaCy is a modern Python library for NLP. Students can learn more about NLP and SpaCy through a set of free courses. These courses teach the basics of NLP, data analysis, processing pipelines, and training a neural network model.

6. Udemy’s Natural Language Processing and Text Mining Without Code

A great beginner course for those who are interested in learning more about NLP without having to learn code, this self-paced class will teach you basic text-mining skills. This is the best online NLP course for those who want a natural language processing course for non-programmers. It’s ideal for marketers and others that may be interested in learning more about the science behind the data.

7. Edureka’s NLP Certification Training with Python

An intermediate to advanced NLP certification training course with live instruction. This course covers an overview of text mining, natural language processing, hands-on programming, extracting and preprocessing text, analyzing sentence structure, and more. It all finishes with an in-class project.


8. DeepLearning.AI’s TensorFlow Developer Professional Certificate

Available through Coursera, this course focuses on DeepLearning.AI’s TensorFlow. It provides a professional certificate for TensorFlow developers, who are expected to know some basic neural language processing. Through this course, students will learn more about creating neural networks for neural language processing.

9. DataCamp’s Introduction to Natural Language Processing in Python

Designed for Python programmers, DataCamp’s NLP course covers regular expressions, topic identification, named entity recognition, and more. The program includes the development of a “fake news” identifier, which serves as the end project for the class. This is a self-paced course that includes 4 hours of video and 51 exercises.

10. Codecademy’s Learn How to Get Started with Natural Language Processing

If you’re not even sure where to start, this is a great place. Codecademy’s beginner’s NLP course covers the basics of what natural language processing is, how it works, why you might want to learn it, and how you can learn more. This launches directly into their Natural Language Processing certification track, which is a significantly longer course that covers more than just the basics.



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