Top 10 Indian Metaverse Start-ups Triggering Innovation in 2023



Watch out for these top 10 Indian Metaverse start-ups triggering innovations in 2023

With the launch of Indian metaverse start-ups, sparking innovation is triggering in the upcoming year. For the sole goal of bringing the virtual world to life, the big tech giants are making huge investments in emerging technologies. The expanding cyberspace of the emerging digital world will soon see a technological revolution. Tech goliaths are vying to create things that seemed unimaginable just a few years ago. This transition, which raises Virtual and Augmented Reality to new levels, will be built atop the metaverse. has compiled a list of the top metaverse start-ups to work within 2022–2023 who have developed metaverse platforms for a variety of sectors because it may be essential to construct one for a particular industry.

Let us explore the top 10 Indian metaverse start-ups triggering innovation in 2023


BollyHeros, a company aligned with the Bollywood business, has worked with production companies, music labels, brands, celebrities, gaming studios, and animation companies. Paperboat Design Studios, Fantico, and Vistas Media Capital are some of its backers.



The platform’s objective is to introduce agricultural and food and beverage businesses to the metaverse, a Web3 platform that is quickly evolving. By enabling users to create their works as NFTs, OneRare also makes money off of digital art. Users can also create a digital marketplace with foreign customers, well-known chefs, and diverse culinary traditions.


Advanced DevOps, AI, ML, and NLP engineers have been used by LOKA since 2004 to develop, build, and distribute products on time. We cultivate and embed talent for mission-driven teams, from a lone designer to a react native staff.

Cope Studio

Cope Studio combines design, product support, and funding to develop innovative concepts for the Metaverse into businesses that define their respective categories. a growing design studio and cultural consultant with offices in Cologne. It was established in 2020 and focuses on art, culture, business, and narrative.



With the aid of our tools and protocols, Interality is a metaverse engine that enables creators and brands to build and launch their virtual worlds where they can create and monetize XR-enabled content, products, and experiences, enabling applications across social, entertainment, and other sectors.

Tamasha Live

Tamasha is a platform that allows new-age influencers and content producers to offer live online games with real cash prizes for winners in exchange for a minimal entrance fee.


Zippy is a Gurugram-based start-up that is creating “the third format” of running by creating a metaverse for runners. It was founded in 2021 by runner and athlete Sunny Makro. The start-up wants to protect all that is beneficial about jogging both inside and outside, including its physics and biology.


Next Meet

The software aims to eliminate traditional remote work isolation and UI fatigue. The start-up serves the mass market in a variety of sectors, including businesses, institutions of higher learning, and virtual events and exhibits, among others.


Starting up with $3.5 million raised, Flam, a company that uses augmented reality on social media networks, has finished its seed funding round. Along with Kwaish Ventures and a few additional investors, the round is being led by Inventus Capital Partners SV. 9Unicorns and Silicon Valley Quad.


To allow fans to virtually live next door to the top esports and lifestyle brand, faze will sell real estate surrounding Faze World. To give fans more immersive experiences and digital goods while also linking them with the organization’s creators, Faze Clan will create Faze World the following year.



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