Top 10 High-Paying Data Science Internships to Apply in December 2023




Nothing denies the increasing popularity of Data Science field. The article lists top 10 high paying Data Science internships. These Data Science internships can strengthen your Data Science Career.  These Data Science internships to apply in December 2023 are sponsored by some of the big names out there like Amazon, and IBM to name a few. Brighten your Data Scientist Career with these internships.

Data & Applied Sciences Internship by Microsoft

This internship might be used in number of different states and localities. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, economics, statistics, applied sciences such as biostatistics, physics, chemistry, computational neurology, or another quant-focused field is required, along with at least one semester or quarter of study remaining after the internship.

Data Science Internship by IBM

In areas of growth, there is a high demand for data scientists at IBM. If you are hired, a team that fits the needs of the company, your location, and your skill set will be allocated to you. Some of the most challenging problems in the world are being tackled by IBM’s innovative teams. As an IBM data science intern, some of your duties will involve developing, implementing, and testing predictive models with an emphasis on large data, as well as designing and maintaining statistical models.


Data Scientist Internship by Google

Google’s statisticians, data scientists, and quantitative analysts work in the Software Engineering division, which also comprises the Life Sciences, Geo, Machine Learning, Technical Infrastructure, Search, YouTube, and Advertising departments. To help Google make important decisions, they regularly run live experiments and analyse large volumes of data. Through thorough investigation and extensive analysis, they contribute to the creation of cutting-edge, highly scalable, next-generation technology.

Data Science internship at Pinterest

As a data intern at Pinterest, you will work cross-functionally to assist engineers and product partners by using quantitative analysis, statistical methods, modeling, and data mining. Your work will have an impact on the team’s future, help us uncover potential products, improve our experimentation platform, and advance important objectives. The 12-week internship will take place in their San Francisco headquarters.

Meta University for Analytics (A Data Science Internship)

The programme was designed to enable students from historically underrepresented groups the chance to develop their technical abilities and get work experience in a professional setting. It comprises of a few weeks of applicable technical education followed by real-world project work between May and August. For the duration of the programme, participants are paired with a member of the Meta team who serves as a mentor.


HP, Machine Learning Internship

A research internship position is available at HP in the fields of computer vision and deep learning. They are seeking Ph.D. applicants who are enthusiastic about using their deep learning expertise in industrial settings, who relish tackling difficult deep learning challenges, and who want to help create popular products used by millions of people.

 Netflix Partner Operations Internship

Netflix is completely reimagining the entertainment industry. In order to deliver its tales to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time throughout the world, Netflix is always working to increase the size of its operational footprint. Their partner operations team works to provide an operational foundation that reduces complexity and fosters innovation in order to open up space for creative greatness.

Slack Data Science Internship

Slack offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for anyone who want to work with data in a fast-paced environment: data science internships. But what it really needs is candidates with advanced degrees in statistics, mathematics, economics, or computer science are preferred.


Miami Heat Data Science Internship

The HEAT has won the NBA Championship three times, in 2006, back-to-back in 2012, and again in 2013. The Miami Heat is looking for a Data Science Intern to join the team of strategists and data analysts and help the business make decisions based on data! The duties will entail coming up with research questions, gathering the data required to design experiments, executing statistical analysis, and visualising outcomes.

Linkedin Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Internship

The requirements for the Linkedin Data Science Internship Work with BIG data and analyse millions of samples to find answers for statistical modelling, data mining, recommendation, and search relevance. Create code of a production standard and have an impact on LinkedIn’s future systems.



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