Top 10 Ethical Hacking Job Trends and Predictions to Look for in 2023





Watch out for these top 10 ethical hacking job trends and predictions to look for in 2023

While criminal hacking is frequently in the news, ethical hacking is occasionally disregarded or misinterpreted. Being one of the “hottest” careers in the IT industry, ethical hacking is experiencing a tremendous increase in work opportunities. Computer and networking professionals who practice ethical hacking try to access systems to find security holes.

At the administrators’ request, they break into systems to inspect their security and stop adversarial hackers from accessing their data first. The idea behind the phrase “ethical hacker” is that “to beat a hacker, you have to think like one,” which may seem ludicrous at first. Although just 32% of people work in the ethical hacking sector. Therefore, there is a growing need for fresh employees. Let us know the top 10 ethical hacking job trends and predictions to look for in 2023 and which are the top companies that are hiring for different roles:

Companies hiring for Ethical Hackers:

  1. Tesla: Among other security professionals, Tesla employs application security developers, ethical hackers, threat analysts, security engineers, and infrastructure security engineers. According to some resources, Tesla’s ethical hackers make an average salary of US$167,552 annually.
  2. IBM: Companies like IBM use teams of ethical hackers to help them safeguard their systems. Depending on the sort of company, vulnerability scanning can be expensive. Your search for ethical hacking positions at significant IT companies can come to an end at IBM, which compensates its security professionals highly.
  3. Google: Cloud computing and various tech goods are just a few of its notable products. Particularly for those who work in technology, such as cybersecurity experts, Google is a great place to work.
  4. Tata Consultancy Services Limited: The TCS Cyber Security Unit is in search of cyber security professionals that are passionate about ethical hacking and, more generally, ensuring the digital future of businesses that transact millions of data points globally.
  5. Crowdstrike: It employs Whitehat hackers. It has a platform that is cloud-native and can identify and stop threats. It is renowned for its impenetrable hacking techniques.
  6. HackerOne: Hires hacking and security experts, their business focuses on preventive measures; they assist developers in making their apps resistant to hacking during the development process. This business collaborates with other businesses, including those in e-commerce and financial services.
  7. Carbon Black: Systems for cloud-native endpoint security is Carbon Black’s area of expertise. In addition, they are experts in workload protection systems. Behavioural analytics are used to safeguard their system. It has created systems that can stop the most sophisticated cyber-attacks by utilizing its many years of knowledge and various insights.
  8. Security Bulls: Hires for the position of pen testing, and their monitoring technology and cyber security testing services are quite sophisticated. It provides clients with security analysis services. After analysing your digital asset, they also give you a risk percentage.
  9. Cyberint: When a cyber security specialist is hired, they offer all the services that a system is supposed to offer in terms of cyber security. The business offers virtual HumINT operations and attack simulation. They are committed to providing reliable, long-lasting security solutions.
  10. Test: The company was founded in 1982 and has its headquarters in Versailles, France. In addition to other services, it offers transportation. Test pays an annual average of US$102,931 to ethical hackers.

Conclusion: These are the recent trends and predictions ethical hacker job predictions, and the top companies offering job opportunities for white hat hackers currently and in the future as well.




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