Top 10 Data Analytics ETFs to Invest on for 100x Passive Income



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As investors have come to value data-driven decision-making more and more, data analytics ETFs have been progressively growing in popularity in recent years. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for data analytics give investors access to a variety of opportunities in the data analytics industry, giving them exposure to the growth potential on offer by these companies. Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have grown in popularity as a means of investing in the technology and data analytics sectors as a result of the development of data analytics. Investors can access the quickly expanding data analytics market through a variety of investment vehicles, including data analytics exchange-traded funds.

Market-Traded Funds data is information on how exchange-traded fund securities have performed on the financial market. Portfolio managers utilize it to learn more about ETF securities in various marketplaces. By investing in the best ETF data feeds, suppliers, and APIs, Datarade enables you to generate 100x more passive income.

Let us explore the top 10 Data Analytics EFTs to invest on for 100x passive income


Here are the top big data and AI EFTs respectively:

Global X Future Analytics Tech ETF (AIQ)

The Global X Future Analytics Tech ETF (NASDAQ: AIQ) is one of the closest products investors have to a specific big data ETF at the moment as the original big data ETF closed some time ago.

ALPS Disruptive Technologies ETF (DTEC)

The ALPS Disruptive Technologies ETF (NYSEARCA: DTEC), one of the few big data-specific ETFs currently available, is a great substitute.


SPDR Kensho New Economies Composite ETF (KOMP)

It is one of the more recently big data ETF entrants, and while it is included here somewhat haphazardly, it is still pertinent. While not specifically a big data ETF, KOMP is a type of quant fund.


The actively managed ARK Web x is similar to a number of the other funds mentioned here. ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKW) is not a big data-specific ETF, but it does have some exposure to big data.

Robo Global Robotics & Automation Index ETF (ROBO)

The Robo Global Robotics & Automation Index ETF (NASDAQ: ROBO), the first and currently one of the biggest robotics ETFs, has some legitimacy as a big data ETF due to the intersections of automation and robotics with big data.


The Vanguard Information Technology ETF

It is a little bit more focused than QQQ above and only invests in tech stocks, excluding industries like healthcare where QQQ has some exposure.

ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (ARKQ)

The most widely used ETF is ARK Funds’ most well-known actively managed ETF. The ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (ARKQ) seeks to identify companies with the greatest potential for profit from automation and AI. Energy storage, 3D printing, robotics, and driverless cars are some of the subjects that the fund’s managers are particularly interested in.

EquBot AI Powered EQ International ETF

This ETF uses artificial intelligence to choose the stocks that will be included in the fund rather than making an effort to purchase stocks of companies involved in AI. The underlying fund investments in AIIQ are based on the results of proprietary quantitative models developed by Equbot with IBM Watson artificial intelligence.


WisdomTree Artificial Intelligence ETF

Investors who are concerned about social issues will be glad to learn that the fund focuses on exposing investors to companies using AI technology.

L&G Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF

The focus on overseas technology stocks helps AIAI further diversify by doing so. Another positive development is that this new fund’s management reinvests profits into the fund, demonstrating a strong commitment to the cause.


These are the top 10 Data Analytics EFTs to invest on for 100x passive income since Data Analytics EFTs gain exposure to the growth potential offered by businesses in recent times.



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