Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Under $1 with Zero Transaction Fees for 2023





Invest in these cryptocurrencies under $1 and continue to gain profits in 2023 and beyond

Experts say Bitcoin’s future outlook seems quite bleak and the crypto might fall as low as US$10,000 in the months to come. This volatility is a huge part of why experts are recommending investors avoid trading BTC. However, it’s not just Bitcoin that is volatile. The ongoing economic turmoils have left the entire crypto market to become unstable. Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others have lost a massive portion of their market caps. This is one of the primary reasons why investors are strategizing their investments to buy cryptocurrencies under $1. By choosing these cryptocurrencies, crypto users will only invest small amounts in digital assets and avoid facing massive financial losses in case the values of the cryptocurrencies plummet. Now, to aid the cost-effective measures of investors, we have listed down the top 10 cryptocurrencies under $1 with zero transaction fees. Even though cryptos like Ethereum prove to be efficient replacements for Bitcoin, ETH has extremely high transaction fee issues. In this article, we have listed the top cryptocurrencies under $1 with zero transaction fees that you can invest in 2023.


IOTA does not charge any crypto transaction fees at all. There are no miners on the IOTA network either and each transaction is completed without requiring any serious computing power. Hence, there are also no particular gas fees, making IOTA a perfect choice for investors seeking cryptocurrencies under $1 with zero transaction fees.


Stellar is a multi-currency backend payment network that runs on tokens like Lumens (XLM). It is not just one of the most affordable cryptos but also has extremely low transaction fees. The crypto’s primary aim is to target individuals rather than large financial institutions, something that may be more feasible.



Ripple is currently one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in 2022 that have exceptionally low fees. The crypto’s noteworthy collaborations with major financial institutions like Bank of America, American Express, and Royal Bank of Canada makes XRP even more appealing amid times when the crypto market is suffering from extreme volatility.


Cardano has been among the top cryptocurrencies for quite a long time now. ADA is not only affordable due to its low transaction fees feature but the token has been performing extremely well amid the massive market volatility in 2022. ADA’s network is fast and incredibly scalable, besides, it is also very eco-friendly.


Decentraland has always touted its low transaction fees, however, the platform charges a fee for every transaction. Each time there is a transaction with a land parcel on the Decentraland marketplace, the platform burns 2.5% of the transaction’s value.



Nano is basically a zero-fee digital asset that facilitates instant payment transactions between users. It costs almost no fee to send payments over the Nano network and transactions are executed in a matter of seconds.


Standard Tron transactions cost little to no transaction fees as compared to other networks and crypto assets. The transaction fees are extremely nominal. But, Tron smart contracts have higher fees depending on the overall bandwidth of the contract itself.


EOS has a fixed transaction fee is fixed at 0.1% for all transactions on the chain which means that users do not have to worry about high transaction fees when using EOS. The cryptocurrency runs on its own blockchain and allows users to have access to the network’s resources.



Vertcoin has one of the lowest transaction fees in the market. Vertcoin makes privacy its primary focus, keeping its mining functions decentralized, and seeks to allow anyone with a personal computer to join the Vertcoin network.


Hedera is unique and incredibly fast, energy efficient, and secure crypto investment. Hedera’s sustainable nature also makes it one of the cryptos with the lowest transaction fee.



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