Top 10 Affordable Tech Products to Gift this Festive Season





With the festive season going on, you definitely might be looking for gift options. Yes, there’s no denial that choosing gifts is the most confusing task to go about. Well, what could be a better gifting option than a tech product? Wondering which tech product to gift? Well, we have got you covered. In this article, we will list down top 10 affordable tech products to gift this festive season.

Smart speaker

These days, a lot of people are inclined towards a smart home. In that case, a smart speaker is a perfect gift that one can think of. With a smart speaker in place, you can not only control all the smart devices at your home but can also be the ultimate source of your entertainment.


If you are okay with going a little expensive, gifting a smartphone is a good idea to go about. There are countless models available that you can choose as per your budget, features, colour, etc. No matter what, this is a great gift this festive season.



Smartwatches have also gained a lot of popularity off late. A smartwatch enables you to take calls on your wrist, or check your notifications without needing to take out your phone every time from your pocket, hence making your life a little easier. There are many models and designs that you can choose from to gift your loved ones.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs take pride to be one of the smartest products to exist. With Smart plugs, you can schedule appliances to turn off automatically at set times or set times when they can automatically. That’s not all. An additional advantage is that it helps save electricity.

Grooming set

If there’s someone among your group of friends or family members who regularly shave their beard, then what better gift than a grooming set? Again, with a wide range of options to choose from, you are never going to run out of options to pick a gift.


Writing pad

If you want to gift a kid, the best tech gift that cannot go wrong here is a writing pad. Writing pads help kids to be engaged in activities such as drawing or writing. Not only will kids learn new things but can also help adults in taking notes for important stuff in day-to-day life.

Smart Camera

In times when security is of utmost importance, a smart Camera can be the best tech gift. With a smart camera, you can stay assured of security around and even within their house. Smart cameras stand the ability to give you live feed from the camera right to your phone and even alert you when there is slightest of movement within the room.

Wireless headphones

Music lovers are ever-increasing. If you plan to gift someone who loves music, then what better gift than an audio product? Your headphones can be a perfect companion at your home, during a commute, while working out or while going to sleep. As there are several options to choose from, you know there’s nothing to worry about.



There’s always that one person in our life who always has his /her phone with a low battery. Well, you know exactly what to gift them. A power bank is a perfect gift for them, this festive season.

Wireless charger

A wireless charger is the best possible gift you can think of if you want to gift someone who is deeply rooted in the Apple or Samsung ecosystem. You can save them from plugging each of their devices into a separate charger and gift them a wireless one that they can just put it on the charger within seconds.



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