This crypto will explode in 2023 as presale edges to the final stages!





Dash 2 Trade is coming to a close in its presale. In fact, there are less than two weeks left in the presale, providing investors with a fantastic opportunity to swoop on its promising and outstanding returns.

When D2T goes live there, it’s likely to experience a rapid boost in value, which will bring significant returns for those who could jump in on the presale.

A few chapters below will tackle many reasons why you should buy Dash 2 Trade at an all-time low, as the CEX listing in January will explode its price.


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Dash 2 Trade’s detailed project pages significantly simplify research

Another great segment of the Dash 2 Trade platform is its detailed project pages.

On a presale’s project page, investors can view many social metrics and sentiment ratings, details about the presale starts, raised amounts, and much more.


Dash 2 Trade lists presale stages, the caps for each stage, and the soft and hard caps for the complete presale.

Project pages also include an analysis of each project’s tokenomics. Furthermore, a pie chart pictures the ratio of tokens released through the presale, the portion reserved for project insiders, the amount set aside for exchanges, and more.

A news feed displays major crypto news outlets’ headlines related to a project.


Dash 2 Trade’s beta version drops on January 5th

Dash 2 Trade is preparing to release a beta version on January 5th.

The release is well ahead of the project’s original agenda, and it will land merely before the end of its presale and before the D2T listing on significant exchanges.

In addition to the presale dashboard, Dash 2 Trade’s platform will comprise dashboards for social sentiment analysis, strategy backtesting, and on-chain analytics. Furthermore, it will also deliver actionable trading signals that investors can use to benefit from the ups and downs of the crypto market.


Based on the overall interest in Dash 2 Trade’s presale, the project team expects the official launch to be a sensation.

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Analysts forecast 10x returns in 2023

Despite the present bear market circumstances, the market for coins with robust business models remains healthy. So, according to analysts, Dash 2 Trade is anticipated to deliver 10x returns for early investors.


The launch partner of Dash 2 Trade is Learn 2 Trade, a trading community of 70,000 people which feeds the crypto project with an audience of active traders to partake.

Many traders behind Dash 2 Trade have also worked at Learn 2 Trade. As a result, whatever they learned from that experience is being used to establish Dash 2 Trade.

After receiving seed funding this year, Dash 2 Trade has completed all of its Q4 2022 targets.


Plenty of popular CEXs will be listing Dash 2 Trade

The hype about the Dash 2 Trade presale has directed some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges to engage in listing the token. Therefore, the Dash 2 Trade website shows that the first CEX listing will occur on January 11, 2023, and D2T is expected to make a notable uptrend.

Firstly, one of the exchanges that will list D2T is LBank, one of the biggest global exchanges with more than 2 million visitors weekly. In addition, further exchanges that will be listing Dash 2 Trade are BitMart and Changelly. As a result, this will significantly boost high trading volumes. Notably, the other prominent listing will be on the Uniswap decentralized exchange.

These high-profile CEX listings nourish a strong foundation for the price boost of the D2T token. As a result, more listings will be on the way to come, catalyzing price growth. Therefore, investors are buying the token at the discounted presale price before the price explosion, which is forecasted to occur early after the beta release.


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Dash 2 Trade is setting the standard for future analysis

Dash 2 Trade will likely set a new industry standard key metric for scoring crypto presales.

There are so many diverse crypto presale projects that come onto the market weekly that it can be challenging for traders to wade through them.


On the contrary, Dash 2 Trade is making this process more comfortable for crypto traders by providing a proprietary score for all new presale projects. Furthermore, each crypto project will score as high as 100. And those points are divided into five key scoring areas: team, product, marketing, development, and tokenomics.

Looking a bit deeper into the score on the D2T dashboard, you can see much more information, including social metrics, divided into engagement and followers, with changes week-over-week and a sentiment rating.

In addition, you can also view information such as the presale and token address, the total supply, the number of tokens for liquidity, and more listing information.


There’s even a pie chart that breaks down the tokenomics of the presale project. Finally, you can see a default news feed that pulls news stories from some top crypto outlets.

All of this will help crypto traders make more informed decisions with presale projects.


We’re getting closer to Dash 2 Trade going live with its beta version, and all odds are that it will experience a rapid boost in value, bringing significant returns for those who jump in early.


The dashboard known to us from the presale will be updated, offering more features and options for users. Among many, we can mention some most important, such as social sentiment analysis, strategy backtesting, on-chain analytics, actionable trading signals, etc.

You might be skeptical about it for a bit, but despite the current unfavorable market circumstances, Dash 2 Trade’s business model remains healthy and robust. As such, according to many analysts, Dash 2 Trade is foreseen to produce 10x returns for investors.

In this token’s favor, recent high-profile CEX listings will raise a powerful foundation, and eventually, D2T’s price growth is inevitable.



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