These are the 10 Best Cryptocurrencies on Reddit to Invest in Before 2023



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Reddit is one of the largest forums and message platforms on the internet. It even has an online forum for giving advice on investment –  including crypto-related discussions.

The members of the platform give their predictions of the best coins. With the solid fan base that many crypto projects have, the conversations on Reddit are definitely a good source of information. It has also provided pointers to which crypto asset to invest in before 2023.

In this article, we’ll review the best cryptocurrencies to invest in before 2023 based on the recent trends and conversations from Redditors. You’ll find out what makes FGHT, D2T, CCHG IMPT, and RIA rank top on the list. Don’t stop reading!


The 10 Best Crypto Assets on Reddit to Buy Before 2023

Before investing in any crypto asset, it’s essential to research and find out which assets have the highest growth potential. The list below highlights the best cryptocurrencies on Reddit to invest in before 2023.

  1. FGHT: Best Move-to-Earn Crypto With Huge Growth Potential
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  3. D2T: Best Crypto to with Informed Trading Data to Invest in 2023
  4. CCHG: New Crypto For Electric Vehicle Owners
  5. IMPT: Best ESG-Friendly Crypto to Buy Before 2023
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  7. RIA: Best Play-to-earn Cryptocurrency
  8. Tether: Most Reliable Stablecoin on the Market
  9. Bitcoin: Largest Crypto Project
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  11. ApeCoin: Best Utility Token
  12. Shiba Inu: Popular Meme Coin with Huge Community Backing
  13. Cardano: World’s Best Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Platform

In-depth Review of the Best Crypto Assets to Invest in on Reddit

The cryptocurrencies highlighted above have huge growth potential and strong development teams. Below is a detailed review of each of the cryptocurrencies to help you make an informed investment decision:


1.     FightOut


FightOut is an upcoming Move-to-Earn (M2E) crypto platform that rewards users with tokens whenever they exercise and stay active. Its goal is to motivate people to change their habits to improve health and overall well-being. Every time you exercise, you will earn REPS tokens you can exchange for native FGHT tokens or mint them into NFTs.


The platform entered presale a couple of weeks ago, and has raised over $2 million in the first few days. It features all kinds of fitness challenges, competitions, and other methods for earning tokens, so make sure you visit the official FightOut site and invest in FGHT tokens while they are at their lowest price point.

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2.     Dash 2 Trade



D2T is currently the best cryptocurrency with on-chain analysis. It doesn’t just have a successful presale but uses a wide range of data and analytics to help traders and investors make more informed decisions and maximize profits.

This crypto ecosystem is powered by the D2T token, an ERC-20 coin. The token grants its holders access to different parts of the ecosystem, with the dashboard having three tiers (free, starter, premium) with unique features.


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3.     C+ Charge

C+ Charge is another emerging crypto project that will likely lead to massive gains in the future. It’s a revolutionary platform that rewards all electrice vehicle owners every time they drive or charge their cars. Users earn carbon credits every time they use their EVs, and they can later exchange them for CCHG tokens.

The best part is – once users have CCHG tokens, they can use them to pay for charging services anywhere in the world. Since the EV market is projected to keep growing steadily for the next few decades, C+ Charge is an excellent investment option for the long-term. Head to the official site and secure your spot among the earliest investors to get the highest returns, as CCHG tokens are available in presale.


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4.     IMPT



Although IMPT is a new cryptocurrency, that hasn’t limited its big potential. On the contrary, IMPT is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in and accept high gains, even though it doesn’t have large community support because of its unique use case.

Since IMPT uses blockchain technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is a green coin. Its features make it clear that it is the perfect currency for environmentally inclined investors. Given its potential, IMPT may experience a 50% increase in the upcoming months.

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5.     Calvaria (RIA)


Calvaria is a crypto project that aims to speed up crypto’s mass adoption through a play-to-earn battle card game. The project’s mission is to create the first effective ambassador between crypto and the ‘real world.’


The card game will come in two versions. The first will be free-to-play and easily accessible on app stores. The other version will be play-to-earn, which will hold all the blockchain functions.

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6.     Tether

Tether is one of the earliest and most well-known stablecoins. In addition, it is known for limiting volatility by tying its market value to a coin or other external standard. Accordingly, Tether is a reliable crypto asset on Reddit to invest in this year.


Tether and other stablecoins aim to reduce price fluctuations to entice users who might otherwise be skeptical. The price of Tether is significantly associated with the value of the US dollar.

7.     Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, even on Reddit. Like other crypto assets, BTC runs on a ledger, logging transactions distributed across a network of thousands of computers or a blockchain.

The verification process of solving a cryptographic puzzle is called the proof of work. It is the verification that keeps Bitcoin secure and safe from scammers.


8.     ApeCoin (APE)

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 governance and utility token of the APE ecosystem. APE token holders can vote for any governance-related decisions.

In addition, ApeCoin allows holders to participate in the governance of DAO, allowing them to participate in the governance of the DAO and access other exclusive features like events and merchandise.

9.     Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a meme coin launched in mid-2020, with metaverse ambitions still under $1. Although Shiba Inu is now a large-cap crypto project with a multi-billion dollar valuation, it still provides investors with good ROIs.


It skyrocketed from being less known to becoming one of the top 15 coins by market cap in the crypto space within 18 months. Initially, Shiba Inu was created as a meme coin with little or no real-world use case. Since then, the project has expanded into the metaverse.

10.Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is one of the crypto projects to have embraced proof-of-stake validation quite early. Its current market capitalization is over $13 billion.

The proof-of-stake validation helps reduce the transaction time and decrease environmental impact and energy usage by removing the problematic part of transaction verification in platforms like Bitcoin.



This list was compiled based on the opinions and conversations of Reddit members. They’ve proven that sharing knowledge is a great way to help each other.

We hope our review of each of these coins will help you decide which cryptocurrency is the best option for you. FGHT, D2T, CCHG, IMPT, and RIA have great potential.

Unlike other assets on the market, they come standard with many unique features. As a result, you’ll make the best decision when you invest in these coins before 2023.



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