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The Sandbox is undoubtedly one of the most successful play-to-earn tokens out there today. Having already ridden The Sandbox wave, big-money investors are now looking for a new play-to-earn token that could deliver the same mind-boggling gains. 


One of these tokens is Metacade and this article will discuss where The Sandbox might end up in the next bull run, before exploring why SAND whales are starting to consider Metacade as a better alternative. 

What is The Sandbox (SAND)?

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based virtual world that allows users to buy in-game land and develop monetisable games and experiences on their land. Each parcel of land is stored on the blockchain as a LAND NFT, meaning that land can be proveably owned and transferred with ease. The Sandbox makes it easy for players to build whatever they like on their land with the VoxEdit and Game Maker tools, which offer an entire suite of world-building development tools that can produce some stunning results.

These features have attracted some big names to The Sandbox, such as The Walking Dead, HSBC, Ubisoft, and Gucci. Each has created a unique experience, like Gucci Vault Land and the HSBC Stadium, for players to explore alongside dozens of other immersive destinations.  


The Sandbox (SAND) Price Prediction

During the 2021 bull run, The Sandbox’s native token, SAND, reached a high of $8.48. Today, it trades for around $0.55, breaking key support found before SAND’s huge run-up. In the short term, expect SAND to fall further to around $0.37. Once a new bull run in SAND starts, the area between $3.20 and $3.90 will likely pose some resistance. 

After this area is cleared, $5.80 to $7 is expected to be an area of trouble for SAND. However, once this resistance is broken through, SAND will likely begin to seek new highs. Conservatively, the next bull run might see SAND top out between $14 and $15.50, offering potential 27x returns on today’s prices. More optimistically, SAND could peak around $19 to $20 if things go well – a whopping 35x return!

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is a community hub that’s aiming to be a household name in play-to-earn gaming. It’s a platform built for like-minded gamers, crypto investors, and developers to connect and have fun exploring the rapidly-growing play-to-earn space. In Metacade, you’ll be able to discover the latest trending games, post reviews, chat in real time, and read the hottest GameFi alpha posted by industry experts – all designed to help yield the most out of play-to-earn. 


Right now, the gaming industry is directed by a handful of large companies that are intent on extracting as much value from their players as possible. Metacade is turning this model on its head, putting user value and ownership above all else. This echoes The Sandbox’s philosophy and is likely why SAND investors are getting so excited about the Metacade presale. 

What’s Drawing SAND Investors to The Metacade (MCADE) Presale?

Community Rewards

When you write a review, share tips with other players, or post other useful content for others to learn from, it’s typically the platform that benefits the most. After all, this information is likely to attract new players and grow a community. But what if some of that added value went straight back to players? In the Metacade, it does! Each time you post a review, offer some tips or make a valuable contribution to the community, you’re rewarded with the MCADE token for your role in growing the platform.

Funding the Best Play-to-Earn Titles

One feature creating a buzz amongst SAND investors is the Metagrant. Metagrants offer a way for the community to fund the play-to-earn games they believe deserve to be built in a competition-based format. In each Metagrant competition, developers add their idea for MCADE holders to vote on, with the winner being allocated funding from the Metacade treasury to help turn their dream into a reality. Once the game is ready for launch, it’ll be added to Metacade’s virtual arcade alongside dozens of other community-backed titles. 


Becoming Entirely Community-Owned

To fulfill its vision of true community ownership, Metacade plans to become a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) once development of the platform is complete. From here, community members will step up to become responsible for implementing decisions made by MCADE holders. Each key decision affecting the community, like new features, partnerships, tokenomics, and more, will be put to a vote for Metacade users to determine. In the process, they’ll be participating in the world’s first player-owned virtual arcade.

It’s No Wonder SAND Whales Are Interested in Metacade (MCADE)

Considering one of The Sandbox’s core tenets is user ownership, it’s easy to see why SAND whales are getting in early on the Metacade presale. They’re likely already aware of the incredible growth play-to-earn is expected to see over the next few years (10x the rate of regular gaming, according to and how important community spaces are to gamers, which provides an excellent fundamental backdrop for Metacade to rocket as more gamers flock to play-to-earn gaming. 

While the optimistic case for The Sandbox is 35x in the next bull run from current prices, gems like Metacade often increase much more from their presale prices – sometimes as much as 100x! Given all of the reasons mentioned to be bullish on Metacade, it seems like SAND whales are making a wise move getting in early on MCADE.


If you think these whales might be on to something, then you’ll want to check out the Metacade presale before it’s too late, especially when you can get more than double your long-term returns simply by being one of the earliest investors in Metacade. That’s because, in phase 1 of presale, you could get 125 MCADE for $1. In phase 9, you’ll get just 50 MCADE for that same $1. Take a leaf out of the smart money playbook and join the Metacade presale today!

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.



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