Microsoft Introduces Tabs Feature on Windows 11 Notepad App: Reports





Microsoft introduced the tabs feature to enhance customer experience and enable efficiency in operations

Quite recently, a Microsoft employee accidentally announced that the company will soon integrate a Tabs feature into Windows 11 Notepad app. Based on reports by Windows Central, a screenshot of Notepad’s internal version showed the app’s new tabs interface. The fact that Microsoft introduced the Tabs feature after adding tabs to File Explorer on Windows 11 after feedback from insiders shows that the company is planning to enhance its capability in serving customers and improving customer experiences to a great extent.

With the help of this feature, users can open multiple folders or directories under one window, just the way they can open multiple web pages simultaneously when using a web browser. The new version of Notepad is likely to be announced over the next couple of weeks for Windows Insiders. Besides, earlier this month, the company rolled out its update of the popular snipping tool for Windows 11 to Insider, which also includes a built-in screen recorder tool.

Experts believe that Microsoft’s initiative to introduce this new feature will trigger its first built-in app to get a tabbed interface after Microsoft added tabs to File Explorer. The addition of tabs in Notepad could signal a shift towards more tab features being introduced in other Microsoft applications. However, Microsoft has canceled its Sets feature for Windows 10 but it has not stopped Windows power users from using third-party tools and applications to bring tabs to life in various parts of the operating system.


Besides this, the company is extending its services to several other domains. It is also pushing out its sustainability and educational measures to empower Microsoft customers.


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