Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall Reopens After Months-Long Closure


Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, which was closed in July 2022 due to security concerns, has reopened. The hall, which is located in Downey, California, houses hundreds of juveniles awaiting trial or serving sentences.

The closure of Los Padrinos was controversial, with some advocates for juvenile justice arguing that it would lead to an increase in the number of juveniles being held in adult prisons. However, the Los Angeles County Probation Department, which operates the hall, said that the closure was necessary to address safety concerns.

The reopening of Los Padrinos comes after the department implemented a number of security measures, including increased staffing and new surveillance technology. The department also said that it would be working with community partners to provide support for the juveniles who are housed at the hall.


Security Measures at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall

  • Increased staffing: The Los Angeles County Probation Department has increased the number of staff at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall by 25%. This includes adding more security guards, as well as mental health and social workers.
  • New surveillance technology: The department has also installed new surveillance technology at the hall, including cameras and metal detectors. This is intended to help prevent contraband from entering the facility and to deter violence.
  • Community partnerships: The department is also working with community partners to provide support for the juveniles who are housed at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. This includes providing counseling and educational services, as well as helping juveniles find jobs and housing after they are released from the hall.

Impact of Los Padrinos Closure

The closure of Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall had a significant impact on the Los Angeles County juvenile justice system. The hall housed hundreds of juveniles, and its closure meant that these juveniles had to be transferred to other facilities. This led to overcrowding at other facilities, and it also made it more difficult for juveniles to access the services they need.


The reopening of Los Padrinos is expected to help alleviate some of the problems that were caused by its closure. However, it is important to note that the hall is still facing some challenges, including staffing shortages and budget constraints.


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