Janhvi Kapoor Opens Up On Her 21 Million Insta Follower, Says, “If All Followers Came To Watch Mili, It Would Be A Huge Hit”



As many believe social media popularity is irrelevant to a successful career of any actor. Now, Actress Janhvi Kapoor has also agreed with the fact. She gave this statement after the release of her film, Mili.

The Roohi actress recently spoke about her social media stardom during the roundtable discussion of Film Companion, where the actress appeared along with Anil Kapoor, Ayushmann Khurrana, Risabh Shetty, Vidya Balan and others.


The Dhadak actress said, “I’ve been told that whatever I’m doing is confusing for the audiences, so if anything, maybe it’s a lack of strategy. If I have to tailor an image on social media to make my films more saleable, I think that’s too technical and that’s too calculated for my kind of personality. I will keep doing the kind of work that I believe in to satisfy my creativity, and my social media is for more brands, more likes, and vanity.”

Talking on her social media prosona, she explained, “If all 21 million of them came and watched Mili, then it would have been a huge hit but I don’t think it’s equivalent to that. I think actors today if they have a social media presence, they are an actor and an influencer. I think being an influencer might make your stardom a little more accessible and so maybe it makes you feel like it’s diminishing but I don’t think you’re stardom, your Instagram following is a testament to your stardom at all. That’s all completely different things.”

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