Is XRP on its way back? Ripple outpaces BTC & ETH





There are surprisingly bad drops in the crypto market nowadays. Bitcoin is currently struggling with the price of $16,000. On the other hand, Ethereum might break $1,168, and the only cryptocurrency that railed over 10% is XRP. Its price is cleared at $0,43. There are predictions that Bitcoin will not survive this fall and might lose its position as a stable and most popular model of investing. Although we used to see that those currencies are the most popular and investors claim that investing in them is the most secure now, it is not that simple.

If you want to invest in safer options, experts recommend investing in more stable currencies. Some of them have impressive first results, like Dash 2 Trade, an analytics platform, or RobotEra, the world completely made of robots. FightOut is also a must, and so is C+ Charge. You should consider Calvaria, the new battle card game or TAMA, a native token of Tamadoge, a new P2E model of gaming. It had an impressive increase in the price, ending the presale much earlier than they had planned. Every day, more and more people trust this currency for a reason.

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What is the future of most popular currencies?

Bitcoin is struggling to settle above the $16,000 resistance after the dramatic drop in May. Since it declined below $19,000, it got initial support near the $18,380 zone. Although it helped to go above the $18,000 zone shortly it did not retain the currency on that level for a long time. It is sure that it will hardly go over $20,000 and will not happen soon. On the other hand, it should not reach too high a price by the end of the year, even in the next six months.

Ethereum had a similar drop in value, settling above the $1,165 level and the 50-hour simple moving average. When it comes to the other popular currencies, like ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE, and XRP, they will grow slowly, keeping their stability by the end of the year. It is not for sure if they will keep the same level of stability for a long time, and their price will slightly go over the current prices in the next few months. It is why it is now the moment when you should consider investing in FightOut, Dash 2 Trade, C+ Charge, Calvaria, RobotEra, or Tamadoge, new rising stars on the crypto market.

XRP outpaces Bitcoin and Ethereum

All surprises are possible when these profound changes happen in the crypto market. You can expect currencies like XRP to surpass the most popular cryptos in value. In this case, XRP will reach excellent prices, not expected in this zone. According to experts, XRP could go over $0,40 and maybe get the price of $0,425, which is a growth of 10%.


However, nobody can confirm that number, and nobody can be sure of stability for a long time. The model does not promise strength and attractiveness in years to come. Investors will likely be cautious, especially when new investing models are on the market. Tamadoge has attracted many more new buyers quickly, promising excellent potential to double your investment. You should inform about the specifications of FightOut, Dash 2 Trade, C+ Charge, Calvaria, RobotEra, or Tamadoge if you want to secure your investment.

What is FightOut (FGHT)?



FightOut is a new Move-To-Earn crypto project that aims to change the M2E industry forever. It’s similar to STEPN, but it offers more challenges and includes various exercises users can complete to earn REPS tokens. Users can then exchange REPS for native FGHT tokens, or mint them into NFTs.

FightOut’s primary goal is to motivate people to stay active, leading to better health and overall well-being. It uses GPS tracking to monitor users in real time. It will recognize every step you make, and every exercise in the gym. The in-app reward system and gamification features will turn any dull exercise into a competition, making everyday activities more fun and challenging.

So head to the official FightOut site and invest in the best M2E blockchain project on the market while the FGHT token price is still in its lowest point.


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What is Dash 2 Trade (D2T)?

Dash 2 Trade combines an analytics platform for crypto traders with in-depth market insight. It has three broad membership tiers, determining access to metrics and features. The subscription price is limited to 300 D2T and 1000 D2T for the starter and premium models. On the other hand, it is a cryptocurrency with access signals, metrics, and social trading tools.

The subscription price is limited to 300 D2T and 1000 D2T for the starter and premium models. You can access it at 5% of the subscription fee, with the price of 1,000 D2T tokens per month. You will have a 20% discount, and ten subscribers will have access to the coverage and analysis of which crypto presales to target.


Dash 2 Trade

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What is C+ Charge?

 The entire world is making an effort to replace motorized vehicles with much more eco-friendly electric cars. The number of EVs has kept growing steadily over the years, and the final goal is to ban all petrol cars before 2050. Therefore, the EV market is expected to grow steadily, which is why C+ Charge should be on your top investing priority list.


It’s a new crypto project allowing EV owners to generate tokens when charging and driving their electric cars. Every user will get carbon credits when using EVs, allowing them to earn tokens passively. Once the project goes live, users will be able to exchange their carbon credits for native CCHG tokens they can then use to pay for charging their vehicles worldwide. Invest today and secure your spot among the earliest investors to get the highest returns.

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What is RobotEra?

RobotEra (TORO) is created as a sandbox-like planet to rebuild the metaverse. When playing the game, you become a robot that makes his land, participates in the world’s creation, and manages his land. It is possible to acquire resources from the ground and generate robot companions. You will have a multiverse that connects with other worlds, open theme parks, museums, concerts, and more.


RobotEra allows you to create, share, operate, explore, and trade within the other NFT communities. At the start of the following year, you will be introduced to VR/AR to realize the integration of reality and virtuality, launching a new experience mode. The total supply of TARO is $1,800,000,000, where $90,000 is planned to be sold in each stage of the presale.

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What is Calvaria (RIA)?

Made as a battle card game, Calvaria (RIA) is the new model of P2E battle card, with the main goal to create the first effective connection between the crypto and the real world. It is one of the best models of investing now, focused on speeding up the mass adoption of crypto. Gamers will be able to compete within the Web2 gaming market with two versions of the game.



Regarding on the type of player, and level of skill and experience they will be able to use a full list of tokens, NFTs, skins, potions etc. The first one will be a free-to-play model, created for beginners, non-crypto users, and those that want to play game for fun. The second one is for true players, with accessible without constraining barriers. The price will significantly increase in weeks to come, so make sure that you have grabbed your tokens.


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Why is TAMA a good model for investing?

You should not worry much about the new models of investing. There is a new currency with impressive potential to grow to the most prominent model for funding. Buyers have already said which is the currency they believe the most. TAMA, a coin that stands behind the Tamadoge, an impressive P2E game, has the potential to blow away the competition. You can enjoy exciting games, create NFT tokens, and battle with other players, making your avatar strong on the market.

The game is based on buying a pet, which the player feeds, nurtures, and grows until he becomes an adult. During that time, the player can change the cloth, accessories, and additions that make the avatar unique and attractive. The player can create their branches and sell them in a particular market as an NFT token. Thanks to the battling, your pet is more than a currency. You can move it up on the leaderboard and earn numerous awards.


Tamadoge had a unique starting position, raising $19 million in a few weeks. The presale ended much earlier than they had planned, and even the creators could not believe in its success. The currency has not stopped even after the presale, so now it is followed by 70k followers on Twitter and more than 20k members on the Telegram group. Some famous investors and influencers have invested their money in TAMA. Some of them are highly popular in this world, like Elon Musk.

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You should be smarter and not rely on those unstable models of funding. There are significant new cryptos that will steal your attention and indeed give numerous funny moments. Tamadoge is an entertaining game with a vast potential to grow in months to come constantly.


Calvaria and RobotEra are both attractive games created by experienced players to bring the best out of the crypto and gaming world. FightOut is an excellent choice, especially if you’re physically active, and C+ Charge is a perspective project since it rewards EV users with free tokens. All are impressively potential to give your investment back, so catch this opportunity while its price is still affordable.  


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