HedgeUp Investors Look to Have a Merry Christmas and A Better New Year




Investors often choose which assets to invest in based on the asset’s efficiency, the minimum risk and maximum gains. Based on these criteria, alternative investments are some of the best options for investors. The high returns they can generate and the opportunity they provide for an investor to diversify their portfolio is a major attraction to investors.


Unfortunately for most people, alternative assets are way out of their reach as they usually require a vast amount of capital to invest in. 

HedgeUp, a new cryptocurrency platform built on the Ethereum blockchain seeks to fill this gap. With HedgeUp investors can invest a minimum of $1 to access different investments including diamonds, aviation, luxury goods such as watches, fine art, and gold.

Such investment assets are advantageous as they rarely correlate with traditional investment assets. For instance, gold is a great investment for investors who want to hedge against inflation. Other assets in the alternative investment basket offer a great opportunity for risk reduction and portfolio diversification.


Returns for alternative investments are not guaranteed. Even though returns tend to be much higher than those of traditional investments. For instance, investors who invest in HedgeUp can expect annual returns ranging from 28% to 36%. 

Hedgeup Investors Look Forward to A Profitable Year 

Market observers predict that by 2025, the alternative market sector will be worth a staggering $17.2 trillion. This is a fourfold increase from 2010. 

As the first cryptocurrency project with a focus on alternative markets, HedgeUp provides everyday people with a unique opportunity to invest in alternative assets and profit from the benefits that will arise from the growth of this sector.


In addition to these benefits, investors will also get to leverage blockchain technology as the HedgeUp platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain. With time, the platform will migrate to the Binance blockchain to minimize transaction fees.

HedgeUp will also provide investors with a platform to make their voices heard and influence the direction the platform takes through the launch of HedgeUp DAO. This DAO will be responsible for creating a robust community of investors and enhancing fair play in the HedgeUp ecosystem. HedgeUp DAO members also get to receive additional benefits such as voting rights.

Fractional Access to Alternative Assets

As previously mentioned, access to alternative assets is mostly hindered by the assets’ high prices. To make the products more accessible to investors, HedgeUp will mint NFTs that represent fractional ownership of different assets in their investment basket.


With fractionalized ownership, ordinary people get to own a small part of a large asset such as a private jet or a yacht even if they can’t afford the whole product. Investors also have the option to purchase the entire asset and have it delivered to their home address.  

Once they launch, HedgeUp NFTS will be available for purchase on HedgeUp’s NFT marketplace.

Learn to Earn

Since alternative assets have traditionally been reserved for high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, other investors have minimal knowledge of how the market works and the different opportunities they can leverage to make profits. 


HedgeUp will partner with celebrities who will work alongside professionals who have more than 3 decades of experience in the alternative investment sector to ensure investors get the education they need to make better decisions in the alternative investment market.

The classes will happen through an online masterclass so that people from different parts of the globe have the opportunity to attend.

Make Your Christmas Merrier with Hedgeup

Investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios and leverage the numerous benefits that alternative assets offer now have the chance to do so through HedgeUp. HedgeUp is growing quickly. So investors who are looking to take advantage of the benefits the platform offer should do so early on as there is only a limited number of tokens available for the presale.  


For more information on HedgeUP click the links below:

Presale Sign Up: https://app.hedgeup.io/sign-up

Official Website: https://hedgeup.io

Community Links: https://linktr.ee/hedgeupofficial



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