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Here you will get to see the box office collection of Gaalodu Movie and together you will be told about a budget and hit and flop. Let’s talk about the box office collection and budget of this film, we would like to tell you that it is a It is a Telugu language movie which has been released in theaters on 18 November 2022 and is making a splash. The budget of this movie is being told from 10 to ₹ 150000000, which is very much due to being a state level film and this movie has earned its It has achieved a tremendous collection of ₹ 5000000 on the first day, so you can get a lot of information related to it, you will be able to get complete information about box office collection and budget and hit and flop from here, so let’s give more Get complete information about Gaalodu Movie because here I am going to give you complete information about it.

galodu movie box office collection

StyleRomance, Action
ThrowSudhir Anand Gehna Sippisaptagirashkalka Shankarprudvisatya Krishna
DirectorP Rajasekhara Reddy
the creatorRaja Shekhar Reddy Pulicharla
musicBhims Sikirolio
FilmingC. Ram Prasad
release date18 November 2022
OTT release dateTBA
OTT platformTBA
budget8 crores
choreographyBaba Bhaskar, Anish, Venkat Deep
stunt wingchu anji

You will get all the information about Gaalodu movie to see above, this is going to be a tech romance action movie, if you like romance action movie, then this movie story is going to be very good for you because the story in this movie is very interesting. Well shown and you will see Sudhir Anand presenting his performance in the lead role of this movie. Its director is Peer Rajsekhar Reddy, who has made this movie very well and because of this, his popularity has also increased. Chand Lag Gaye Hain Ya movie was released in theaters on 18th November 2022 since then this movie Dhoom Macha movie is earning well in terms of earning this movie has achieved a collection of Rs 0.6 Crores and this movie is running for 30 days Will be able to manage the box office collection very well but now you need to wait a bit.

galodu movie budget

We have come here with huge information about the budget of Gaalodu movie, because of the movie being very good and after seeing such a good performance at the box office, everyone wants to know that how much is the budget of Gaalodu movie, so let me tell you. I would like that the budget of this movie is being told from ₹ 5 to ₹ 100000000 but I would like to tell you that this is not an official information, why has it been taken from sources and estimated information that has been imposed by people after seeing the story, I would like to tell for your information That this movie is being told as a state level film and or the movie is performing well but this movie has been made in ₹ 8 to ₹ 100000000. Gaalodu would like to tell about the movie that we do not have any official information about its budget. Not received, so we are hesitant to speak a bit, but as soon as we get any official information about it, we will definitely update you.will do

Galodu movie hit or flop

Gaalodu Movie is showing good performance in cinema houses and getting very good collection, in such a situation everyone wants to know whether this movie will be hit or flop, even then I would like to tell that there is no definite time that here It will be a hit or a flop, but looking at the collection matters, it is expected that the movie may prove to be a super duper hit, but we do not have any official and accurate information about it, but I want to assure you that We will update you as soon as we get information about it

Gaalodu Movie Review & Rating

  • Sudigali Sudheer (Hero)
  • Gehna Sippy (Heroine)
  • Shakalaka Shankar, Prudvi, Satya Krishna (Cast)
  • Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla (Director)
  • Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla (Producer)
  • Bheems Ceciroleo (Music)
  • Ram Prasad C (Cinematography)

Sudigali Sudheer and Gehna Sippy starrer Gaalodu directed by Rajasekar Reddy has hit the silver screens today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Raju( Sudigali Sudheer) an easy-go-lucky guy from a village lands in trouble after the death of the village sarpanch’s son’s death. To stay away from the police cases, Raju comes to the city. Soon after landing, Raju crosses paths with a rich girl Sloka( Gehna Sippy). Later, Sloka gives a job to Raju as her car driver. All of sudden, the police find Raju’s identity and arrests him. What happens next? How will Raju come out of prison? How helps him to release from jail, forms the main crux.

Performances: Sudigali Sudheer aka small screen Powerstar gave his best for the film. Be it dances, fights, or comedy, Sudheer impresses big-time with his abilities. Acting-wise, Sudheer gave a decent performance but has to improve a bit in performing emotional scenes.

Heroine Gehna Sippy is cute on screen. Compared to her first film, Chor Bazar, Gehna gave a better performance in Gaalodu. Her chemistry with Sudheer is showcased nicely. Sapthagiri shines in the limited comic role. Other artists such as Ravi Reddy, Prudhvi, Aadya and Satya Krishna did their part decently.

Senior filmmaker Bharadwaja Thammareddy is okay in a key cameo

Technicalities: The music composed by Bheems Ceciroleo is good. While his mass beats are impressive, the background score is okay for all key scenes.

The editing work is good as the film’s runtime is limited to only a little more than two hours. The cinematography by senior technician Ram Prasad is an added advantage for the film.

Production values for this limited-budget movie are okay.

Analysis: Looks like director Rajasekhar Reddy focused on what elements the audience expect from Sudheer. It is the reason, right from Sudheer’s introduction to built-up shots, the director took good care.

Story-wise, the film has a wafer-thin point but the director tried to present the proceedings by solely focusing on Sudheer’s screen presence. To summarize, Gaalodu is completely a tailor-made film for Sudigali Sudheer. Though the story is dull, Sudheer’s dance movements, action stunts, and songs make the film a decent watch.

Verdict: Sudheer’s one-man show!

Gaalodu Gets Impressive Opening

Surprise! “Gaalodu”, starring Sudigaali Sudheer, took a bumper opening at the box office on its first day. Among the new releases on Friday, “Gaalodu” attracted the audiences more than the other.

Although the film is a typical commercial drama, its strong opening is due to Sudheer’s popularity.

Sudigaali Sudheer has a sizable fan base due to his TV shows. It was also reflected in the openings.

This love story starred Sudheer and Gehna Sippy. Sudheer’s dancing abilities were praised. Sudheer danced like a professional dancer.

So, it resonated with a large number of people. The film’s catchy tunes by Bheems Ciciroleo are another plus.

This weekend, “Gaalodu” has the edge at the box office. We’ll have to wait and see how it holds up in the coming days.

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