ETH to Outperform BTC in the Next Bull Market – Time to Buy?





Ethereum is showing signs of recovery, bringing back the hope of many crypto investors that it will manage to outperform Bitcoin in the next bull market. It seems that the deflation didn’t manage to shake up these two cryptocurrencies to the core, although their prices dropped significantly this year. The value drop certainly affected the investors, who are now turning to the more affordable cryptocurrencies with big growth potential, such as D2T, $FGHT, $RIA, $TARO, and IMPT. Let’s take a closer look!

Is it time to buy Ethereum?

Since its launch, the all-time high of Ethereum is $4,878. Looking at the value that Ethereum is hovering around ($1200), it is evident that ETH is far from it now, and it means that the drop was an unbelievable 75%. Despite the fact that it is now in the green zone, its price going through many prices drops this year leaves a trail of uncertainty that is shaking up investors’ confidence in more ways than we can count.

The crypto market is now far from a hobby that investors are contemplating along the way. It is now a lot more serious than it ever was. While some analysts believe that Ethereum could go back to its previous glory with the potential to rise until the end of the year, others are not so convinced. No one can deny Ethereum’s position on the market and its role as the biggest layer-one blockchain that is participating in the DeFi sector with more than 58%.


Its dominance will probably continue developing and getting even stronger, but overlooking the risk that comes with it would be a rooky mistake that could cost a lot. This is exactly the reason why we have included some of the most popular cryptos on the market now that could change the whole perspective of the investors, filling their wallets in the near future!

The most popular cryptos you should consider now

The next bull market is not here yet, so there are at least a few months ahead before something starts happening with Ethereum. This period can be used in a more useful way than simply waiting, especially because some of these cryptos are available on presale at the moment and could pay off in the future big time!

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade


Dash 2 Trade is an analytics platform that has the potential to grow in the future and attract many investors from across the world to join and upgrade their investing strategy. It will provide all the data in real time, which means that every investor looking to create the best strategy can easily do so by utilizing all the useful features that can be found here, including the backtesting feature.

This feature will mean that the user will be able to see the performance of the wanted strategy before implementing it, which can be crucial for maximizing profit and protecting your budget from losses. Its native token, D2T, is available on presale until January 11th, which means you should act fast and invest while the price is still affordable!

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FightOut (FGHT)


Exercising is beneficial on many levels, and it is not important just because of physical appearance but for overall health and well-being. While exercising in traditional gyms can bring progress for some users, most will feel discouraged after a while. FightOut aims to change that.


It is a move2earn platform that is a perfect combination of incentives and rewards that will push the users to keep going and meet their fitness goals. FightOut’s native token is called $FGHT and is currently available for presale. It is evident that this concept will attract many people to join, increasing the token’s value in the future, so make sure to invest before it’s too late!

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Calvaria ($RIA)

Calvaria is a new card game that will surely captivate the players with all the interesting details. It incorporates a play-to-earn concept that allows investors to earn while playing and having fun. Still, there is also the version that will be available on mobile phones that won’t involve the use of its cryptocurrency, $RIA.


These tokens are available for purchase on presale that will end soon. Since we can expect the price of the tokens to rise after it is done,  grab as many tokens as possible while there is still time!

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RobotEra ($TARO)

RobotEra allows you to visit Taro planet and become a robot. The war between robots and aborigines decimated this planet. Despite the robots coming out from this battle as winners,  the material damage on this planet is immense. The mission of the players will be to rebuild it using every resource available to them.


This platform is ideal for players looking to experiment with new things but also earn simultaneously since the platform implements the play-to-earn principle. The presale of $TARO tokens is ongoing, so this is your chance to ensure your spot in this metaverse!

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IMPT platform was made with the intention to help users reduce their carbon footprint in an effortless way. The presale of its native token was a massive success when $20 million was raised, which shows that this concept has a huge potential to gain popularity.


IMPT token is now listed on LBank, so this is your chance to invest while the price of these tokens is still affordable!

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While we wait for Ethereum and Bitcoin to stabilize, many investors are taking advantage of the situation and are already making sure that the following year will be lucrative! Investing in Dash 2 Trade can help you do just that. FightOut can help you set your fitness goals in motion, while RobotEra and Calvaria can be a fun way to earn. In addition, there is an IMPT project that will help you reduce your carbon footprint with ease. All in all, there are plenty of good projects to invest in right now, so make sure you take advantage of these opportunities!



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