Crypto News: Solana records 1 outage in first half of 2023, 100% uptime in Q2


The Solana network is seeing steady improvements in performance and reliability as outages become more infrequent.

Layer-1 blockchain network Solana has shown an improvement in reliability and uptime so far this year only having one outage in 2023, according to a report from the Solana Foundation.

On July 20, the Solana Foundation released its latest performance report stating it has improved the network through the first half of 2023, as measured by uptime and the ratio of non-voting-to-voting transactions.


In previous years, Solana has been plagued with reliability and uptime issues which its co-founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, has previously called a “curse” but said the network’s low-cost transactions were the cause of the outages.

The latest report noted Solana has experienced 100% uptime since Feb. 25, marking a whole quarter without an outage. The single February outage saw the network knocked offline for almost 19 hours.

The report added there have been improvements in the ratio of voting to non-voting transactions. Voting transactions occur when a validator votes to confirm one or more proposed blocks of information and non-voting transactions are triggered by user behavior on the blockchain.



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