An Online Safety Bill Is Coming to the UK—But It’s Not Enough

[ad_1] For the past ten years, the biggest companies in the tech industry have effectively been allowed to mark their own homework. They’ve protected their power through extensive lobbying while hiding behind the infamous tech industry adage, “Move fast and break things.”  Food and beverage companies, the automotive industry, and financial services are all subject … Read more

5 Best Password Managers (2022): Features, Pricing, and Tips

[ad_1] There are apps for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux, as well as extensions for all major web browsers. Bitwarden also has support for Windows Hello and Touch ID on its desktop apps for Windows and MacOS, giving you the added security of those biometric authentication systems. Bitwarden recently introduced passwordless authentication support, meaning … Read more

The 12 Best Albums of 2022

[ad_1] All creative industries are bound by trends. Hollywood has its superhero blockbuster. The fashion world its seasonal wunderkind. Silicon Valley loves a disruptor. Before streaming’s age of excess, prestige dramas were all the rage in television. Increasingly, the machinations that help drive success in the music business—beyond sheer talent, of course—are determined by digital … Read more

Hacktivism Is Back and Messier Than Ever

[ad_1] During its brutal war in Ukraine, Russian troops have burnt cities to the ground, raped and tortured civilians, and committed scores of potential war crimes. On November 23, lawmakers across Europe overwhelmingly labeled Russia a “state sponsor” of terrorism and called for ties with the country to be reduced further. The response to the declaration was instant. The … Read more

AI or No, It’s Always Too Soon to Sound the Death Knell of Art

[ad_1] There’s a hilarious illustration from Paris in late 1839, mere months after an early type of photograph called a daguerreotype was announced to the world, that warned what this tiny picture portended. In Théodore Maurisset’s imagination, the daguerreotype would bring about a collective hysteria, La Daguerréotypomanie, in which crazed masses arrive from the ends of the … Read more

19 Best After-Christmas Sales and Deals (2022): Vacuums, Phones, and Board Games

[ad_1] Whether you received some gift cards over the holidays or you’re still shopping for gifts for folks you’ll see later in the year, post-Christmas sales offer lots of opportunities to stretch your dollars. We’ve rounded up our favorite discounts below. Many of these sales will be extended for a few days, but shopping earlier … Read more

Digital Health Tools Need a New Benchmark

[ad_1] During the Covid-19 pandemic, digital health technologies transformed the way that many of us received health care, supercharging the uptake of digital tools such as telehealth platforms, mobile symptom trackers, and remote monitoring. However, the whole-scale adoption and impact of digital health technology in national health systems around the world has still not yet … Read more

AI Is Now Essential National Infrastructure

[ad_1] Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly, with projects like OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, Google’s MINERVA, and DeepMind’s Gato all pushing new technological boundaries. Until now, national governments have been slow to adopt this cutting-edge technology. In 2023, however, the opportunities to provide effective, targeted, and affordable services to citizens will prompt them to finally embrace AI, … Read more

The Most Dangerous People on the Internet in 2022

[ad_1] Russian soldiers poured into Ukraine, accompanied by a wave of cyberattacks across the country. A major cryptocurrency exchange imploded and declared bankruptcy, vaporizing billions of dollars from that digital economy. The once-biggest dark-web drug market—after being demolished by law enforcement—clawed back to the top of the online underworld after doggedly resurrecting itself. It’s not … Read more

Here’s What’s Next for Pig Organ Transplants

[ad_1] Starting in the 1960s, doctors attempted transplants of kidneys, hearts, and livers from baboons and chimpanzees—humans’ closest genetic relatives—into people. But the organs failed within weeks, if not days, due to rejection or infection. These efforts were largely abandoned after “Baby Fae,” an infant with a fatal heart condition, died within a month of … Read more

Three Music Legends Collaborated on One Nintendo Game. Sparks Flew

[ad_1] The positive reception to Kingdom Battle meant that Brillaud, Soliani, and Kirkhope were soon discussing plans for the sequel. Soliani wanted to do what Nintendo does with all of its sequels: go bigger. Sparks of Hope would have more intense battles and boss fights, more RPG elements, more locations to explore, more Rabbid caricatures of iconic … Read more

The 12 Best Books of 2022

[ad_1] Chaos reigned this year. Russia invaded Ukraine, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, Elon Musk remade Twitter in his erratic image, mass shooters continued to terrorize the United States, civil rights protests swept Iran, Queen Elizabeth died, Bolsanaro got the boot in Brazil, boards were buttered, crypto crumbled, … Read more

This Year’s Epic Fantasy Face-Off Had No Winners

[ad_1] Tuning into Amazon’s J.R.R. Tolkien adaptation The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power this summer kind of felt like boarding a yacht, or walking into a Four Seasons. This looks expensive, you could all but hear folks say as Galadriel traipsed across some corner of Middle-earth. Fanciness dripped off of every castle wall and humble underground … Read more