Army of Robots Building the Tesla Cybertruck! Where are the Humans?





Kuka robots are the army of robots building the Tesla Cybertruck, an electric pickup truck

Kuka robots were observed being brought in small armies to the Texas Tesla gigafactory. The army of robots building the Tesla Cybertruck is being manufactured. To begin mass-producing Cybertrucks, there was no army of robots. Before beginning large manufacturing, they can be working on testing to see how it goes first.

The majority of Kuka robots are manufacturing-related industrial arm robots. Along with a few FANUC robots, it is Tesla’s favored robot for the majority of its production line. To construct the Model Y manufacturing lines, Tesla received a sizable consignment of Kuka robots at the Gigafactory Texas last year, as we reported. Currently, Tesla is receiving a sizable shipment of Kuka robots, as noted by a Twitter user.

Despite being a big quantity, most car assembly lines do not require that many robots. Although Tesla has been trying to streamline its manufacturing lines, it has been able to considerably reduce the number of robots and the amount of production space required over the last several years. This cargo may be one of many that are on the way.


This batch of robots arrived at the same time as Cybertruck manufacturing. In preparation for the widely anticipated commencement of Tesla Cybertruck production in 2023, Tesla has begun accepting deliveries and installing manufacturing machinery. Tesla has been aiming for a mid-2023 production start, but it has also consistently stated that after the Model Y enters full production in the Gigafactory Texas, the production teams’ attention would go to Cybertruck.

The car manufacturer just revealed that Gigafactory Texas was able to produce 3,000 automobiles in a single week. The initial target, which Tesla frequently uses when discussing “volume production,” was 5,000 vehicles per week.

Tesla said in June that it was producing 1,000 Model Ys a week, and in September it announced that it had produced its 10,000th Model Y. According to Electrek, Tesla is presently getting ready for 75,000 Model Y automobiles to leave the Gigafactory Texas in the upcoming quarter (Q1 2023). That would mean that over the whole quarter, Tesla produced more than 5,000 units per week at its Gigafactory Texas facility.


Despite planning for that level of output in Q1 2023, Tesla is not in a rush to reach that level of production in Q4 as it is still setting up the logistics to manage that sort of volume rise in the United States. Generally speaking, Tesla hopes to reach 5,000 units per week with the Model Y at Giga Texas before shifting its attention to Cybertruck manufacturing.


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