Amidst Layoffs, CEO Elon Musk States That Twitter Isn’t Secure



Amidst Layoffs, CEO Elon Musk States that Twitter isn’t Secure


Twitter isn’t secure yet says Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk responds to a user’s tweet. Know why.

There have been allegations of Twitter losing sponsors and users, despite of that Elon Musk said that Twitter is not going bankrupt but is not secure yet, the Twitter CEO was responding to a tweet on the micro-blogging site’s finances. Farzad Mesbahi, a YouTuber who covers future technologies, tweeted: “On today’s All-In podcast @elonmusk says, we’ve gotten the expenses (of Twitter) under control, so the company isn’t on the fast lane of Bankruptcy anymore”. To which Musk replied: “Twitter isn’t secure yet, just not in the fast lane to bankruptcy. Still much work to do”. This is what Elon Musk has to say about Twitter expenses after Twitter layoffs.

 Earlier, Musk tried to boost Twitter’s income by launching the blue tick subscription, which can be accessed for $8 per month online or $11 per month through the iOS App Store. According to the microblogging platform, users who originally signed up for a subscription on iOS for $2.99 or $4.99/month must upgrade to an $8/month web subscription or an $11/month (or your local pricing) subscription on iOS to keep their subscription. A few days ago, Musk expressed an interest in soliciting investments in Twitter at the original share price of $54.20, which was the price at which he paid $44 billion for the firm.

An investor has reportedly been contacted by Jared Birchall, the money manager for Elon Musk, who is “selling shares of Twitter at the same price, $54.20, that Musk paid to take the business private in October.” Meanwhile, a story in MIT Technology Review claims that Bot Sentinel, which monitors fraudulent activity on Twitter, estimates that between October and November 497,000 accounts were suspended and 877,000 accounts were terminated.


 Why Twitter isn’t safe?

Twitter Data Breach:  

One of the reasons is due to Twitter’s recent data breach, a report claims that a “threat actor” has purportedly listed the personal information of about 400 million Twitter users for sale on the dark web. According to reports, the hacker has exposed personal information from numerous accounts, including phone numbers, email addresses, and other details from several very well-known accounts. Under the username Ryushi, the user published a sample database of 1,000 users that contained private information about well-known individuals.

 According to reports, Twitter has been offered a bargain by the hacker who claims to have stolen the data. He stated “If you are reading this piece, you are already in danger of GDPR fines because over 54 million users’ data was leaked by Twitter or Elon Musk. There are no consequences for the 400 million user data leak.” He cautioned Twitter to exercise caution.

Additionally, the hacker has offered to sell the data. He declared himself willing to work with any middleman. Meanwhile, experts speculate that an API bug may be to blame for this data leak. The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) launched an investigation into a Twitter data leak that affected over 5.4 million users worldwide.


 Twitter’s security:

 Musk stated that “Twitter 2.0” would support encrypted direct messaging earlier this year. He added that the teams would work to add encrypted video and voice calling between accounts and that they also wanted to make it possible for users to communicate without worrying about their privacy, without worrying that a Twitter data breach would cause all of their direct messages to appear online, or without thinking that perhaps someone at Twitter might be eavesdropping on their DMs. It has happened a few times before, and it is not going to be cool. The CEO added that he spoke with Moxie Marlinspike, the person of Signal and that she is now “possibly willing to help out” with encryption.


Musk admits that Twitter is not as secure as consumers would like it to be while acknowledging that the firm is making progress in that regard is noteworthy.



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