4 Ways Chatbots Can Help Your Company’s Bottom Line




There are many ways to help increase how much of your company’s income ends up as profit. Popular options include outsourcing tasks, cutting back on overheads, and setting up an LLC for taxesclick here for more on that. And these days, a new method has gained popularity: chatbots.


While chatbots are useful in many applications, there is no denying the fact that one major incentive behind their widespread implementation is just how good they are at generating revenue and cutting back costs. If you’re considering implementing a chatbot solution for your company’s website, here are some of the ways in which such a solution can benefit your bottom line.

1 – Increase sales

Conversion rates play a big role in a company’s bottom line. And if your business primarily does sales through its website, then the best way to drive up those conversion rates is by making sure your landing page is as effective at turning visitors into customers as possible.

Chatbots can be a valuable part of this effort. By answering questions, providing advice, and sending out sales pitches, chatbots can deliver a personalized experience to anyone who visits your page. And that, in turn, can help boost the number of visitors who end up making a purchase or contacting a member of your sales team.


Of course, it’s important to remember that a bad chatbot implementation can also lower sales. Make sure to monitor the numbers to make sure your new chatbot has the desired effect.

2 – Qualify leads

Chatbots can play an important role in helping your sales team figure out which leads they should prioritize. That’s because your chatbot can be set up to ask qualifying questions about any client who wishes to contact your team. Questions such as budget, timetable, what services they’re looking for, and much more.

The result is that your team can spend less time asking questions or pursuing useless leads. And more time making sales.


3 – Collect information

If you’ve done sales work before, you know that clients are not fond of having to fill out long forms with personal information. One way to make that process less frustrating is to turn that form into a series of questions that you ask clients, but that can become time-consuming when dealing with a large number of clients.

A happy middle ground between the two is to let a chatbot ask the questions. From the client’s perspective, this feels more like answering questions than filling out a form. And it helps your team spend less time each month taking care of that task. Bots are also great at organizing and storing data, which can further help save time.

4 – Offer support

Speaking of support, how much time do you think your customer support team would save if clients only bothered to read your company’s FAQs? There is no way to force clients to do their homework, but you can make FAQ information easier to find by having your chatbot offer possible answers based on specific keywords used by clients.


That can help reduce how much your company spends on customer support each month. While also helping clients get a solution to their problems faster. It’s a win-win.


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